Garlic Bread $7 
Handmade prawn rolls $12 
Buffalo wings w ranch dressing $12
Mozzarella Sticks w tomato relish $9
Arancini Balls $9
Chips & Gravy $6.5

Wedges $10
w sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Cheesy Wedges $14
w Bacon, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Snack Platter $26
garlic bread, prawn wontons, mozzarella sticks,
arancini balls, salt and pepper squid with beer
battered chip

Kids Meals

Chicken Nuggets $7
Sausages $7
Battered Fish $7
Spaghetti Bolognese $7
Chips and Gravy $4.5

Steak $12
Served with Chips or Vegetables

Spaghetti Bolognese $7
Chips and Gravy $4.5

Pasta & Salads

Creamy Carbonara $16
Spaghetti Bolognese $16

Warm Beef Salad
in Asian Style Dressing $17.5

Thai Style Chicken Salad $17.5
Creamy Garlic Prawn Salad $25
Chicken Caesar Salad $18


Seafood Basket $22
Battered Flathead Fillets $18

Grilled Barramundi $22
in garlic and pepper oil

Salt and Pepper Squid $18.5

All mains served with chips and salad
         or potato and vegetables.



Gravy, Mushroom, Pepper, Dianne,
Garlic or Bearnaise

Extra sauce jug $2.5
Garlic Prawn Sauce $7


Pizza Menu

Cheesy Garlic $8.5
Garlic butter, cheese

Cheesy Italian Herb $8.5
Italian herb butter, cheese

Margarita $8.5
Tomato base, cheese

Cheesy Garlic and Bacon $12.5
Garlic butter, bacon, cheese

Cheesy Margarita and Bacon $12.5
Tomato base, bacon and cheese

Queenslander (Hawaiian) $16.5
Tomato base, bacon, pineapple, cheese

Pepperoni $14.5
Tomato base, pepperoni, onion, cheese

Mersh (Meat-lover’s) $18
Tomato base, bacon, beef, pepperoni, onion,
cheese, barbeque sauce

Burgers & Sandwiches

Served with chips

Steak Sandwich $16
Hamburger with the Lot $15
Chicken Bacon Burger $15
Vegie Burger $12

From The Grill

Rump Steak 300g $18
Scotch Fillet Steak $26

Surf n’ Turf $30
Scotch Fillet steak w prawns, creamy garlic and
sweet chilli sauce

Mixed Grill $29
Steak, Crumbed Lamb Cutlet, Sausage, Bacon,
Tomato and a sunny side up egg


Smokey BBQ Pork Ribs $33.5


Chicken Schnitzel $17
Chicken Parmigiana $19
Bacon loaded Chicken Parmigiana $21
Grilled Chicken Breast $18
w avocado and creamy garlic sauce


Classic Lambs Fry w Bacon $15
Crumbed Lamb Cutlet’s (3) $26

All mains served with chips and salad
         or potato and vegetables.


Pizza Menu

Stockman’s $18
Tomato base, bacon, beef, onion, mushroom,
capsicum, cheese, barbeque sauce

Garlic prawn and shallot $25
Garlic base, prawns, shallots, cheese

Supreme $18
Tomato base, bacon, capsicum, onion,
mushroom, pineapple, olives, cheese

Vegetarian $15.5
Tomato base, Spanish onion, feta, baby spinach,
sundried tomato, mushroom, cheese

Bacon Pepperoni Deluxe $18
Tomato base, pepperoni, bacon, Spanish onion,
fresh tomato, shallots, swirl of seeded mustard

BBQ Chicken $16.5
Tomato base, chicken, mushroom, onion,
cheese, barbeque sauce

Chicken, pumpkin and feta $17
Tomato base, baby spinach, chicken, pumpkin,
feta, Spanish onion, cheese, aioli

Market Garden $15.5
Garlic base, baby spinach, mushroom, Spanish
onion, pumpkin, fresh tomato, capsicum,
shallots, olives, feta

                              All one size
                   8 slices per pizza

       Gluten Free Bases are available 
                      upon request