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The Commercial Heritage Hotel

The first stage of the Commercial Heritage Hotel was built in 1884 by Messrs Brothers of Cootamundra for Charles Corthorn of Wagga Wagga and was single storied. Part of the Building along Waratah Street remains at this level. The hotel was leased first to J Jones. Later in 1889 under the ownership of William Doyle, a second story designed by George Sheppard of Wagga was added to the Hotel, built by George Dobbyn’s. 

The next leaseholder in record was Terrance Brady in the year of 1906.  A fire in March, 1915 destroyed part of the hotel, some shops and most of the NSW bank then located on Lorne street. When the hotel was rebuilt in 1915, the half of the building closest to Lisgar street was built higher and a parapet to a higher level was added to the whole building. Examination of the building today reveals that the windows of the upper story are closer to the floor than is normal.

Today it is now Junee’s must visit pub with comfortable accommodation options,  a beer garden and a playground. They serve great comfort food and a wide selection of drinks for friends and families.

Plus regular entertainment that makes this historical gem a favorite among the locals and tourist who passes by Junee on their way to New South Wales or Victoria.

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